Matéria sobre o Diamante EP no Blog da Suécia "Ederblog"

Da terra de Ingmar Bergman, Bibi Anderson e Harriet Anderson, o blog sueco “Ederblog” postou uma matéria sobre o Diamante EP, fiquei muito feliz e lisonjeado com o comentário, com a indicação e com mais essa divulgação além das terras Tupiniquins.
Abaixo a matéria na integra:

* Caio Bosco – Diamante EP


Allthough i must have listened to “a thousand of classical” MPB-songs” by now, from “Caetano to, eh, Bebel”, hehe…, the manguebeat of Chico Science & Nação Zumbi’s “Da Lama ao Caos” was actually my introduction to brasilian music, believe it or not!

I had a brazilian girlfriend at the time, and made a trip all the long way from Sweden to the magical space of the aeroplane-shaped capital Brasilia, to watch Lenine, live… in the permanent circus-tent, and in the pause i was introduced to another wonderful brasilian musical genre called “forró” (ahh, memories…).

Manguebeat (with the occasional addition of chico cesar and marisa monte), was the “soundtrack” we listened to in the car, on tape, at the time.

The debut, and the followup album “afrociberdelia”, is still one of my favourite albums allthough this must be, what? almost 15 years ago, so when the multitalented brasilian singer/songwriter Caio Bosco sent me his music it immediately “took me back”, to that time, in a good way, i should add.

While i do not recommend anyone to travel to the “core” of São Paulo City, which is a very dirty and dangerous town, there are beautiful places not to far away if you follow the coastline an hour away or so, and from what i’ve seen only from pictures, and heard, the city of Guaruja, where Caio, who works as a music teacher, comes from, it looks like a small paradise with all the famous beaches.

Caio used to make music with the band Radiola Santa Rosa, and released two albums, but has since then decided to leave the hiphop/rap-scene behind, to follow his heart, and the Diamante EP is intended to be a preview for the forthcoming full-length debut, scheduled to be out later this year.

We can allready see where some of the influences comes from, he says Walter Franco and his song “water and salt” was the inspiration for the song na2so4+2h2o, and he quotes Kerouac, Amos Tutuola and Gary Snyder…

The Ep features mixes and remixes of Quim Vasconcellos (Clay Music, Maskavo Roots), Alexandre Basa (Turbo Trio, Black Alien), Buguinha Dub from Pernambuco (Zumbi Nation, Lucas Santtana, Cidadão) and Emerson TRIPAH (In Soap Stone, Satori Studio).

Myspace of Caio Bosco

Take a listen (links courtesy of Caio):
Download his EP (in wav-format)
Download his EP (in mp3-format)


* Texto Extraído do blog “Ederblog”:

No momento ouvindo:
Natty Dread
Por: Bob Marley & the Wailers
Data de lançamento: 2008-09-16

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2 respostas para Matéria sobre o Diamante EP no Blog da Suécia "Ederblog"

  1. Reconhecimento inevitável. Se prepare pois ainda vai crescer mais! Boa sorte!

  2. Caio Bosco disse:

    Que a força suprema nos ouça.abraço Bala e valeu pela sempre high vibe.

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